Wine Tasting event – Tips & tricks for beginners.

What should you consider before attending MoldoVin’s wine tasting event?

Are you interested in niche and hard to find wines, or you just want to taste different types of wine and develop your palate? MoldoVin wine tasting events furnish great opportunity for wine lovers to learn about wine tasting techniques. We seek to provide a personal experience where wine lovers can learn about Moldovan wines and the winemaking culture as well as taste a number of fantastic Moldovan wines from award winning Carpe Diem winery.

We all know, as a wine connoisseur, participating at a wine tasting event is by far the most exciting thing you can do. Although for someone that is new to these types of events, it might seem daunting or intimidating at first glance. But it shouldn’t be like that. Here are 5, sommelier approved, tips you should consider before attending a wine tasting.

1.   Don’t wear strong perfumes.

You should be mindful not to introduce new aromas in the tasting room, since this can interfere with the olfactory sense that is the foundation of any wine tasting process. Therefore, fragrance can negatively influence the sense of smell when conducting a sensory analysis of wine.

2.   Eat something before attending the event.

Tasting wines or any alcoholic beverage on an empty stomach is not only harmful for your health, but also can have other more “adverse effects.” Therefore, in order for you to enjoy the rest of the wine tasting evening, it is advised to eat something beforehand. Staying hydrated is also essential, so make sure to drink water in between wines.

3.  Remember to spit the wine (or not!).

Yes, you will be tasting great Moldovan wines, and no one likes to ‘’waste’’ good wines. But you should also consider that the many samples will add up quickly. Therefore, it is important to remember spitting wine as you go, in order to enjoy the wine tasting evening and get the full experience. It may not be as glamorous as you thought it would be, but it is totally acceptable.

4.  Talk to  MoldoVin’s expert sommelier .

What makes for a great wine tasting evening, is knowing the story behind the wine bottles. At MoldoVin’s wine tasting events, we will be presenting the wines from our collection. Moreover, we will usually have an expert sommelier on hand to answer any complicated questions you might have. So, take the time to talk to the wine tasting event’s sommelier, who is there for you to help, guide and make a connection. If you have any question in relation to the type of grapes, region, style, production methods or more detailed questions about the wine’s aromas and flavor, the somellier is a great resource.

5.  Take notes of the wines you loved.

At MoldoVin wine tastings you will be presented with a selection of different wines. You can’t be sure that after you have tasted the full selection, or even the next day, you will be able to recall whether you preferred the Cabernet Sauvignon or Feteasca Neagra. If you are attending the wine tasting event we offer a discount compared to our normal prices. So be sure to take note of your favourite! This means it is important to remember to document what type of wine you liked and bring something with you to take notes. 

What should you expect when attending MoldoVin’s wine tasting event?

You will have the opportunity to purchase our wines at discount prices, and as stated above, get information on the wines, production methods, stories behind the wine bottles  and history of Moldova from our expert sommelier Corneliu Tiulenev and Carpe Diem’s winery owner. Moreover, what would it be a wine tasting event without free entry into a competition to win some special prizes! We will ensure that you will walk away with great stories and wine lessons. You should expect a great vibe, and lots of wine!

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What should you consider before attending MoldoVin’s wine tasting event?

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