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Wine Down and Discover Moldovan Wine Culture at the workplace!

Wine tasting events are a great opportunity for team-building, improving company culture, and strengthening your client network. We specialize in wines from Moldova and offer an all-round cultural experience. Our wine tastings are available for corporate's and groups.  
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What We Offer

to the old traditional, boring conservative sit-down tastings,

Hello to a new fun formate, perfect for socialising, networking, and team-building

Why Choose MoldoVin?

Extraordinary Wine Experience

We pride ourselves on being able to offer value for money quality wines. MoldoVin exhibits premium wines from specifically chosen wineries in Moldova. This ensures we present only the best wines from Moldova. Customer satisfaction is what drives us and we want to ensure you walk away with great stories and an extraordinary wine experience.

"I'm a fan of Moldovan wines, so I was delighted to taste some of the best ones with Moldovin"
Passion for Moldovan Culture, Wine and History

What makes for a great wine tasting event, is knowing the story behind the wine. Moldova is known for their well-established wine industry that goes back many generations. The temperate climate has allowed the locals to produce and perfect their wines. Since wine is such an important part of Moldovan culture, we want to share their passion with you.

Local Knowledge and Expertise

Through our events you will gain knowledge about the region, production methods, the type of unique grapes used and learn about the wine’s aromas and flavors. Our mission is to share this understanding of the Moldovan wine culture and the country's unique wines.

Top Wines from a lesser-known region! Excellent wines from Moldova and hosts amazing wine tastings too!It's always nice to expand your wine knowledge especially from lesser-known regions like Moldova that create extraordinary wines. Their wine tasting is very cozy, fun, and great networking with other wine enthusiasts!

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