Why Moldova?

The Moldovan people have a rich tradition of winemaking

The little known European country of Moldova is putting its name on the map for its fantastic wines. The rich flavor of these wines is fast becoming recognised by world-renowned wine experts. Moldovan wine has great texture, warmth and flavour that will surprise and delight.

Moldova is challenging the long-established wineries of the world, pushing and changing what we traditionally think of as a good wine region. This is partly down to the rich soil and the warm humid continental climate that helps create the perfect terroir for growing grape vines.

Moldovans consider wine to be in the blood of their people. They are born with wine, live with wine and die with wine.

In the 1950s and 1960s, and the stability brought by the USSR, the wine industry made a full recovery. This is testament to the strength of the wine making culture and the perfect conditions of Moldova. However, Moldova still could not easily export its products to Western Europe and the rest of the world.

In 1991 Moldova gained its independence from Soviet Russia. Since then the now privately owned vineyards have received much in the way of investment, allowing them to flourish and evolve. This investment has attracted international winemakers who have transferred their knowledge of modern wine making processes to the vineyards of Moldova. Adopting and integrating these practices into the traditional Moldovan wine making practices, Moldovan wine is better than ever and continually improving.

Today Moldova holds a National Wine Day in early October, celebrating a fascinating history of respecting tradition and having the courage for innovation. Moldovan wine is enjoyed worldwide by people from all walks of life. Notably Queen Elizabeth II of England is a connoisseur of Moldovan wine.

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The Moldovan people have a rich tradition of winemaking

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