Saperavi 2019 Divus Winery

A deep red wine with aromas on the nose of currants, vanilla, tobacco, blackberries, violets, pepper and oak. The structure of the wine is balanced, being rich in tannins, with aging potential. Long and pleasant taste of plums, blackberries, chocolate, which can be easily associated with fine cheeses and spicy dishes.
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Divus Winery

The winery itself is located in the village of Vorniceni, Străseni district, at a distance of 35 km from Chisinau. On the places where we produce liqueurs today, there was a factory from the time of the USSR, unfortunately we did not manage to preserve the buildings because they were in a deplorable state, that is why in 2017 the reconstruction process of the room where the wine production takes place today began. Equipped with everything necessary, a tasting room is being designed right on the territory of the factory, which will be put into operation in the fall of 2021. At a distance of about 500 meters, within 2 years, it is planned to arrange a leisure space which is also part of the Vorniceni Domains. Divus Winery also has old cellars that are over 60 years old with a storage capacity of 100-120 barriqs in which we store the wines. The wines sit quietly until full maturity! The purpose and goal of the company is to produce and experiment with grapes of local origin to create and obtain wines with a special personality. Company slogan "Divus Winery - the wine that unites ideas and characters." The quality of our DIVUS wine begins in the heart of Codriri. Self-sacrificingly and in complete harmony with nature, we tend our vines under the abundant sunlight. Then, guided by our passion, we transform the fruit into ample wines, wines in which you will find the turmoil of a lady, the harmony of the song of a rustling leaf and the consummate talent of our winemakers. And I found the inspiration for this extraordinary work in the legend of the place. It is said that the god Dionysus himself chose him to descend among men, teaching them to cultivate the vine, to save them from the wrath of the other gods of Olympus. And after he was convinced of the taste of the wines, he also invited the other gods to enjoy a glass of liquor squeezed from the fertile earth and the loving heart of the people. Reveling in the divine drink and convinced of the love that mortals bear, the gods vowed to return each year to receive the eulogy in whatever cup Dionysus poured. They will call this place "divus" to mark the creative power of the earth. This myth taught us the meaning of dedication, perseverance and patience, qualities that we sought to reflect in our wines. Just as DIVUS, as in the legend, comes to connect different ideas and characters at the same table, calming spirits, giving impressions for a lifetime, about which even a skeptic will have something to say. DIVUS is the wine of true friendships, the wine that unites, the wine of the brave and of great hopes.