Ice Wine Riesling 2017

Radacini Ice Wine a festive wine of a golden-yellow color, the bouquet of which displays floral notes, accompanied by the sweet aroma of fruits, especially peaches and apricots. Balanced fruit taste, fresh, rich in aromas of orange peel and candied lemon and white fruits, wrapped in fine accents of acacia honey.
 180 DKK
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The roots of our love for winemaking grow from the desire to create perfection. We paid close attention to all the details to produce the wines of our dream. One thousand hectares of own vineyards in 3 winegrowing regions build our confidence in the quality of the grapes we use. Modern winemaking technologies and professional team allow to produce distinctive wines. The result of our effort is evidenced by more than 100 awards from prestigious wine world competitions. Radacini wines are is the embodiment of Moldovan soul, passion, joy and hospitality. It’s a reflection of work dedicated to our ancestors, which was transmitted to us genetically, with love for the land and deep traditions. Taste it and you will understand why we are so proud of it.